GP Pro™ enMotion® Permanent Dispenser Key

GP Pro™ enMotion® Permanent Dispenser Key

Item # GP-50429

  • For 59447A, 59487A, 59488A
Manufacturer #: 50429
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  • ADA Version
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Just Get A Replacement Key . . .

No Wasted $$$

  ADA Compliant Version  

Georgia Pacific 50429 towel dispenser key is a commercial-grade, rugged key that fits any of these dispensers:  

EnMotion towel dispensers, GoRag cleaning towel dispensers, Compact coreless toilet paper dispensers and Softpull towel dispensers.  

Unlike whimpy cheapy keys that snap off . . . causing you to waste $$$ on buying a new dispenser . . . just do it right the first time.

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