GP AccuWipe® Light Duty Technical Cleaning Wiper-10"x12.5"

GP AccuWipe® Light Duty Technical Cleaning Wiper-10"x12.5"

Item # GP-2973403

  • Delivers low-lint, low-contaminant performance across a variety of industries and diverse applications. Non-abrasive.
  • White 1 ply wipers offer superior conformity
  • Anti-static dispensing polyshield minimizes electro static
  • 188 inner pack count, 20 boxes per case. Discontinued
10" x 12.5", White, 20/188/cs
Manufacturer #: 29734-03
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Anti-static dispensing polyshield protects against damage to sensitive electronic parts. For delicate or critical cleaning tasks of cleaning lenses, precision parts and instruments.

Georgia Pacific 29734-03 AccuWipes Cleaning Wiper is ideal for cleaning up grease, spills and cleaning surface cleaning. Unlike microfiber towels that harbor disgusting bacteria and rental rags that rip-off the math-challenged, these Brawny towels get it done right the first time . . . .

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