GP Pro™ Brawny® 1/8 Fold Yellow Dusting Cloth

GP Pro™ Brawny® 1/8 Fold Yellow Dusting Cloth

Item # GP-29624

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24" x 24", 4/50/cs
Manufacturer #: 29624
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When leaving dust behind . . . 

Is getting you terrible attention.

Georgia Pacific 29624 Brawny specially pre-treated disposable dusting towels are a professional, commercial-grade dust cloth. Unlike others that just push dust around without actually picking it up . . . making you look like you take zero pride in doing your job  well . . . Brawny attacks and holds dust.  

Top Choice:  Class A Offices, Hospitals, Resorts & Hotels, Universities, Schools, Churches, Fitness Centers, Retail Stores, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Museums, Military, et.  

24" x 24" re-usable dust cloth.  Yellow.  200 pre-treated dust cloths per case.  

Dusting cloths are primarily comprised of cellulous based rayon fibers. These wipers are soft and reusable, yet disposable when contaminated or excessively soiled. Specially treated to attract and hold dust for quick and easy dusting duties. Strong enough to resist tears for extended use, yet soft enough to use on finished wood surfaces.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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