Toilet Tissue, 2ply, Truckload Bulk Discount

Toilet Tissue, 2ply, Truckload Bulk Discount

Item # GP-19885560

  • Each case contains 80 rolls of 2ply ultra-soft toilet paper, each with 550 sheets per roll.
  • White with Delicate Embossing.
  • 560 cases
  • 1 semi-truck contains 560 cases
Manufacturer #: GP-19885560
  • $0 Express Delivery
  • Bulk Discount
  • Green + LEED
Others: $44,207.52/FT

Bulk Discount.

Ultra Soft 2ply.


1 semi-truck of GP-19885 toilet paper =
+  560 cases of GP-19885 2ply toilet paper
+  80 rolls per case (= 44,800 rolls)
+  Rolls fit any / all standard toilet paper holders, including home
+  Load is pallettized for easier + faster unloading and storage
+  Single location delivery.  Dock required.

Top Users:
Government, Schools Districts, Large Hospital Networks, Universities, Prisons, Airports, Manufacturing Plants, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Military, etc.

If you use 560 cases or more of toilet paper a year, you should be buying a truckload to pocket savings of up to 50% … do the easy math!

Georgia-Pacific 19885 is green and EPA compliant premium ultra-soft 2ply embossed toilet paper meets recycling requirements: 20% post-consumer fiber and 20% minimum total recycled content. Fits all standard toilet paper dispensers.

Toilet paper is conveniently loaded onto pallets for fast off-loading and easy storage and stacking.

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