GOJO® Multi Green® Hand Cleaner - 5000 mL PRO™ TDX™

GOJO® Multi Green® Hand Cleaner - 5000 mL PRO™ TDX™

Item # GJ-7565-02

  • Multi-purpose hand cleaner with natural pumice scrubbers.
  • Gel-style hand cleaner clings to hands and spreads easy
  • Contains natural pumice scrubbers
  • Contains a natural citrus solvent
  • USDA certified Biobased product
  • Readily biodegradable
5000 mL PRO™ TDX™, 2/cs
Manufacturer #: 7565-02
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  • Non-Allergenic
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For the frontline heroes working toughest jobs with their hands everyday . . . you'll want GoJo Multi Green hand cleaner to keep your hands in shape.  Unlike whimpy hand cleaners that chat and dry your hands to death . . . GoJo Pro hand cleaner is specially engineered to clean away nastiest grease and crud.

Contains non-abrasive scrubber grit (natural grit -- not pumice which can clog drains).  Natural citrus cleaner attacks nastiest grease and crud.

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Mechanics, Building Engineers, Facility Managers, Airports, Stadiums, Manufacturing Plants, Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Catering, Grocery, Hotels & Resorts, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

5000ml soap refill cartridge.  2 refills per case.  Fits Gojo soap dispensers listed below.

When your hands . . . are your livelihood.

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