GOJO® Purell® CS6 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - 1200 mL, Graphite

GOJO® Purell® CS6 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - 1200 mL, Graphite

Item # GJ-6524-01

  • A reliable, touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser for Purell[R] with a large sight window which makes it easy to check refill level.
  • Dispenser and formulation are calibrated to provide the optimal dose for effective hand hygiene
  • Includes (4) "C" cell batteries, no tools required for replacing batteries
  • LOCK OR NOT[TM] technology, can convert to a locking system
  • Fully ADA compliant. Guaranteed reliability
  • Uses Purell CS6 1200 mL hand sanitizer refills
  • Collapsible, SANITARY SEALED[TM] PET refill bottle with removable collar for easy recycling
1200 mL, Graphite, ea
Manufacturer #: 6524-01
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  • ADA Version
  • Flu+RSV+Covid Weapon
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ADA Compliant Version.

Includes Batteries.

Purell no-touch hand sanitizer dispenser is the perfect option for high-traffic + high-use areas where you want folks to quickly sanitizer their hands.

Top  Users:
-  Office Buildings
-  Hospitals + Nursing Homes
-  Day Care
-  Schools + Universities
-  Churches
-  Airports + Stadiums
-  Grocery + Retail Stores
-  Manufacturing + Automotive
-  Theaters + Museums
-  Fire + Police Departments
-  Military, etc.

Elegant graphite.  Easily + quickly attaches to any wall or mirror.  Screws included.  Powered by 4 "C" Batteries (included).  Locking option to prevent theft + vandalism.

Uses Purell CS6 refills listed below.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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