GOJO® FMX-20™ Dispenser - Black/Chrome

GOJO® FMX-20™ Dispenser - Black/Chrome

Item # GJ-527106

  • Push-Style Dispenser for GOJO[R] Foam Soap. High-capacity foam soap dispenser. High-capacity design. ADA compliant, one-handed push operation.
  • Converts to a locking dispenser, key sold separately
  • Compatible with GOJO[R] FMX-20[TM] 2000 mL refills
Black/Chrome, 6/cs
Manufacturer #: 5271-06
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  • ADA Version
  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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Shower Slip + Falls = #1 OSHA and Workcomp

Culprits = Bar + Liquid Soaps

Gojo Spa Body + Hair Wash . . . .

GoJo 527006 GoJo shower dispenser for spa foaming hair, hand and body wash  . . . unlike using dangerous bar soaps and liquid soaps that can cause dangerous slip-and-fall, the high foam, soft lather dissipates quicker from shower and locker room floors.  

Management and ownership will be grateful you're paying attention to taking action to mitigate dangerous injuries . . . and hugely expensive $$$ slip-and-fall lawsuits.  

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Fitness Centers, Corporate Workout Facilities, Universities, Schools, Resorts & Hotels, Water Parks, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Military, etc.  

Holds 2000ml refill cartridges.  Locking dispenser.  Elegant Black.  Quickly + easily attaches to any shower wall.  Heavy duty double-sided tape + screws included.

Lifetime replacement guarantee.  ADA compliant version. 

When safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters most.

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