GOJO® Provon® LTX-7™ Touch Free 700 mL Dispenser

GOJO® Provon® LTX-7™ Touch Free 700 mL Dispenser

Item # GJ-137104

  • Compact foam soap dispenser. Smart, trouble-free electronics eliminate battery changes in most installations.
  • Large sight window for at-a-glance monitoring
  • ADA compliant, one-handed operation
Gray/White, 4/cs
Manufacturer #: 1371-04
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  • ADA Version
  • Lifetime Warranty
Others: $585.64/CS
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  Bulk Discount Pack of 4  

No Touch.

ADA Version.

GoJo Provon LTX foam soap dispenser offers no disgusting handles, consistent operation and ADA compliant.  Provon soap is specially engineered for healthcare and high-importance handwashing areas.

Top  Users:
-  Hospitals
-  Nursing Homes
-  Doctors Offices
-  Surgical Centers
-  Urgent Cares
-  Laboratories
-  Day Care Centers
-  Fire + Police
-  Military

Bulk pack of 4 dispensers.

Large clear window for staff to quickly check for refills.  Locking dispenser.  Compact size for small places.  

Quickly + easily attaches to any wall or mirror.  Screws and adhesive tape included.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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