Sanitaire® SC5815 Quiet Clean Upright Vacuum

Sanitaire® SC5815 Quiet Clean Upright Vacuum

Item # EX-SC5815

  • This bagged unit was designed to capture dust and allergens with its clean-air system and incredible filtration. CRI Green Label certified.
  • Clog resistant tools on board; Washable sealed HEPA filter
  • Motor: 10 amp; Cleaning path: 15"; 135 CFM motor
  • Dust capacity: 4.5 dry qt.; Disposable dust bag; 40' cord
Manufacturer #: SC5815B
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Sanitaire SC5715 is the "Ford Pickup" of commercial-grade upright HEPA vacuum cleaners with a clean-air system combined with the ultimate in filtration this bagged unit is made to clean.  

CRI Green Label certified.  

15" wide cleaning path.  HEPA vacum bag.  Clog resistant tools included:  wand + crevice tool + dusting brush.  Sealed HEPA filtration. Motor: 10 amp; Cleaning path: 15" wide. 40' power cord.  Low 69 decibels.  Dust collection capacity 4.5 quart vacum bag.  Rugged stretch vacum hose.  Powerful 135 CFM of suction . . . means less back and forth.

Top Choice:  Hotels + Resorts, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Airports, Theaters, Schools, Universities, Stadiums, Fitness Centers, Churches, Zoos, Amusement Parks, Stores, Military, etc.

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