Ecolab® StainBlaster™ Laundry Starter Kit

Ecolab® StainBlaster™ Laundry Starter Kit

Item # EL-6101110

  • Laundry pre-spotter kit used for most stains found in a commercial laundry.
  • Primary tool for use on the most common stains in hospitality and long term care segments
  • Innovative chemistry and targeted stain-fighting power helps eliminate the need for rewash and early linen replacement
  • Optimizes total operation and saving costs in key areas
Manufacturer #: 6101110
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  • Blasts It Faster
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The wall-mounted kit contains one bottle of each of StainBlaster™ Enzyme Boost, StainBlaster™ Grease Remover, StainBlaster™ Makeup Remover and StainBlaster™ Destainer.

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