Ecolab® Apex™ Chlorine Free Machine Detergent - 6.75 lb

Ecolab® Apex™ Chlorine Free Machine Detergent - 6.75 lb

Item # EL-6100606

  • High performing, low-phosphorous, chlorine free detergent for use in regular soil and soft to moderate water hardness conditions.
  • Meets Green Seal GS-33 Lodging Property Cert. Requirements
6.75 lb., 4/cs
Manufacturer #: 6100606
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  • Blasts It Faster
  • Attacks Pathogens
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Commercial Power.

Blasts Nastiest Crud + Funk.

Don't Chance Your Reputation?

Ecolab 6100606 Apex Chlorine Free Machine Detergent is a commercial-strength dish cleaner that blasts nastiest crud & grease . . . unlike whimpy dish cleaners that require you to waste $$$ re-washing or worse yet . . . disgusting your customers with tiny food-bits stuck to cutlery, plates & cups.  
Top Choice Upscale:  Resorts & Hotels, Restaurants, Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Catering, Stadiums, Theaters, Airports, Churches, Country Clubs, etc.  

Fail to take your image & reputation seriously . . . and watch as customers spread their disgusting experience on social media to all.  

6.75 pound solid refills.  4 per case.

Is that worth trashing your valuable, hard-earned image and reputation?

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