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Ecolab® Gel Pro Bathroom Cleaner - 16 oz.

Item # EL-6100574

  • Powerful phosphorus free gel bathroom cleaner and mild mildew stain remover with more destaining power than many consumer products.
16 oz., 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 6100574
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Mold.  Mildew.  Living in grout and cracks.

Stop the arm-agony and back-breaking suffering with this  . . . . 

Ecolab 6100574 Gel Pro bathroom cleaner & Gel Pro shower grout cleaner is a commercial-strength, prograde shower tile and tub cleaner that blasts nastiest mildew, soap scum, hard water, etc.  . . . without all the arm-aching and back-breaking suffering the whimpy tile midlew cleaners make you suffer.  

Ecolab Gel Pro is a sticky gel that nicely clings to vertical grout and tile to lift crud with minimal back-breaking scrubbing.  When you've tried everything to remove horrible, ugly mildew and grout stains . . . Ecolab Gel Pro simply gets it done.  

Top Choice:  Resorts & Hotels, Hospitals, Class A Offices, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Universities, Schools, Fitness Centers, Corporate Restrooms, Churches, Country Clubs, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Military, etc. 

Gel clinging for walls.  16 ounce.  Performance Promise -- Return If Doesn't Do The Job.

When your valuable, hard-earned image and reputation . . . just matters more.

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