Ecolab® X-Static Dryer Block Holder

Ecolab® X-Static Dryer Block Holder

Item # ECO92592193

  • Holds X-Static block, and attaches to inside of the dryer.
Manufacturer #: 92592193
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Fantastic Smelling Laundry.

Magnetically Attaches Inside Dryer.

Commercial-Tough  =  Stays Put.

Ecolab dryer block holder quickly + easily magnetically attaches to the inside of any laundry dryer machine -- any brand + all models -- and, you just snap in a new Ecolab Xstatic dryer block and fabric softener (dryer blocks sold separately below).

  Top  Users  
-  Hotels + Resorts
-  Hospitals + Nursing Homes
-  Fitness Centers
-  Schools + Universities
-  Home + Residential
-  Country Clubs
-  Churches
-  Homeless Shelters
-  Fire + Police Stations
-  Military

Ecolab Xstatic dryer block holder's strong magnetic "stick" keeps it in place inside any type and model of home + commercial dryers.  Ecolab Xstatic dryer and fabric softener blocks just snap-in and stay-put in this holder. 

Photo above shows dryer block for demonstration purpose only.  Xstatic dryer blocks listed on page ordered separately.

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