Ecolab® Klene View Detergent Reservoir

Ecolab® Klene View Detergent Reservoir

Item # ECO92231406

  • Converts solid warewashing detergent into a high strength liquid that is dispensed into the wash tank of a dishmachine.
Manufacturer #: 92231406
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Easier + Safer

Commercial Dish Machines

Solid Detergents = Way, Way Less $$$

Commercial kitchens in restaurants, hospitals, schools, cafeterias, etc. rely on commercial dish machines to quickly and sanitarily clean large volumes of dishware.

Solid dish detergents are THE most economical way to clean that large volume of dishes by converting the solid to high-strength liquid detergent that is injected into the wash tank of your dish machine.

This dispenser systems consists for basic parts:  reservoir to hold the solid detergent; reservoir cover; and a plug-in solenoid valve that connects directly to your dish machine.  Simple and easy for even the non-technical person to quickly setup themselves in a few minutes.

This specialized dispenser holds those solid detergent cartridges

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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