Ecolab® X-Static Mountain Fresh Static Control - 150G

Ecolab® X-Static Mountain Fresh Static Control - 150G

Item # ECO6110311

  • Deliver powerful static control with enhanced softening with this solid block that is used during the dryer cycle.
  • Specially formulated chemicals are released at the point of contact and only what is needed is used
  • It is not flushed to waste as with most liquid softening products
  • Leave a pleasing scent that adheres to linen
150G, Mountain Fresh Scent, ea
Manufacturer #: 6110311
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Soothing, Soft + Floral Scent.

Softens Linens + Clothes.

Anti-Static Control.

Ever wonder how hotels and others get that wonderfully soothing mountain fresh scent to their linens, towels, etc.?  Ecolab Xstatic dryer blocks is their secret.

Xstatic dryer blocks quickly and easily snap-in to the Xstatic magnetic dryer block holder placed inside your dryer.  During the dry cycle, laundry passes against the dryer block to:
-  add soothing soft, floral scent
-  add delicate fabric softener 
-  remove static

Top  Users:
-  Hotels + Resorts
-  Hospitals + Nursing Homes
-  Fitness Centers
-  Schools + Universities
-  Homeless Shelters
-  Fire + Police Stations
-  Military

Mountain Fresh scent.  The solid dryer block lasts many dryer cycles.  Dryer block snaps-in to the Xstatic dryer block magnetic holder (order separately below).  12 dryer blocks per case.

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