Ecolab{R} Multi Purpose Disinfecting Wipes - 185 ct. Tub

Ecolab{R} Multi Purpose Disinfecting Wipes - 185 ct. Tub

Item # ECO6101858

  • This multipurpose disinfecting wipe helps stop the spread of germs and are effective against norovirus!
  • EPA-registered disinfectant for general purpose
  • Kills norovirus (10 minute contact time)
  • Safe for use on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Reusable tub helps prevent moisture loss
185 ct. Tub, 6/cs
Manufacturer #: 6101858
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  • Coronavirus Weapon
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Healthcare Power.

EPA Approved.

Dangerous + Invisible + Pathogens

Ecolab Multi Purpose Disinfecting wipes attack dangerous, invisible pathogens commonly lurking in healthcare environments . . . these Ecolab wipes are NOT intended for home use . . . for use in environments where daily infection control practices are absolutely critical to protect those who are young, old and ill.

  Top Users  
-  Hospitals
-  Nursing Homes
-  Surgical Centers
-  Urgent Care
-  Doctors Offices
-  Dental Offices
-  Fire + Police
-  Ambulances
-  Government
-  Military

  Safe For Use On  
-  Desks, Tables + Chairs
-  Door Knobs + Hand Rails
-  Sinks + Counters
-  Walls
-  Stainless Steel
-  Rubber + Plastic
-  Wood
-  Tile
-  Granite + Marble

Quickly attacks dangerous, invisible pathogens found in healthcare environments that are highly contagious and dangerous, especially to children, elderly and the sick.

185 wipes per canister.  6 canisters per case.

Keep staff and others in your facility healthy with quick, convenient disinfection of hard surfaces. Provides quick and easy cleaning and disinfection of high-touchpoint surfaces and are ideal for all types of facilities, offering a pleasant user experience for both staff and guests.

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