Ecolab® Aquanomic BioCare Solid Sour-Soft - 6 lb.

Ecolab® Aquanomic BioCare Solid Sour-Soft - 6 lb.

Item # ECO6101754

  • Combines the benefits of 3 products, fabric softener, laundry sour and iron control.
  • Has anti-chlor agents to protect linen from chlorine damage, prolonging linen life
  • Softener in the product leaves linen soft
  • Fragrance that removes malodor caused by body and organic soils
  • Ideal for hospitality, healthcare and long term care customers
6 lb., 2/cs
Manufacturer #: 6101754
Others: $652.30/CS
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The product contains a unique blend of ingredients that provide souring capabilities to bring linens to skin-compatible pH and provide maximum protection against yellowing of linen and rust stains caused by high iron content in water.

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