Ecolab® Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator - 2.5 Gal.

Ecolab® Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator - 2.5 Gal.

Item # ECO6101024

  • Fight your toughest odor challenges with the 3-part action of Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator Enzymes eliminate your tough odors.
  • Effective on biological odors such as urine and body odor, as well as smells caused by pets and trash
  • For use on hard and soft surfaces
  • Pleasant fragrance
2.5 Gal., ea
Manufacturer #: 6101024
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  • Biodegradable
  • Blasts It Faster
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Delivers 3-part action for instant odor removal: Immediately knocks odors out of the air; binds odor molecules; breaks down the source of the odor. Ideal for pet-friendly hotels, public restrooms, athletic facilities and long-term care facilities.

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