Ecolab® Chlorine Test Strips 0-300 PPM

Ecolab® Chlorine Test Strips 0-300 PPM

Item # ECO203110111

  • Measures free (available) between 0-300 ppm. Comparison chart included. Reads in about 5-10 seconds. Plastic vial contains 100 test strips.
Manufacturer #: 203110111
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  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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This test strip will allow the user to test varying levels of Free (available) chlorine on the basis of differential color changes, from 0-300 ppm. Immerse the strip in sample and remove immediately and hold strip level (do not shake off excess sample). Match the center of the test strip pad to the color chart to determine chlorine concentration. Test strips measure free (available) chlorine, not total chlorine.

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