Vend Rite Sun® Color Safe Single-Load Powder Bleach

Vend Rite Sun® Color Safe Single-Load Powder Bleach

Item # DR-2979697

  • Safe for all washable fabrics, removes stains, brightens colors and whitens whites.
  • Designed for vending opportunities in laundromats and guest amenity stations
  • 1 load box, single use
  • Citrus scent
Manufacturer #: 2979697
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  • Blasts It Faster
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Convenience Boxes.

Whites Whiter.

Vend Rite Sun color safe powder bleach blasts nastiest stains + crud  . . . on the first wash versus multiple annoying re-washings.

Small boxes make ideal choice for laundromats, colleges, shelters, resorts + hotels, truck stops, etc.  Fit all types of vending machines to be sold too.

Chlorine powder bleach.  2oz box.  100 boxes per case.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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