Dome® Simplified Bookkeeping Software, Mac® OS X & Later, Windows® 7, 8

Item # DOM0114

  • Designed to duplicate the ease of the Dome Monthly (612) and Weekly (600) Bookkeeping Systems.
  • Allows entry of checks and expense, sales adjustments and payroll checks.
  • Simple, easy and affordable.
  • Annual, subscription-based.
  • Safe, backup data to local devices.
  • Allows multiple user accounts.
  • Allows multiple companies.
  • Up to 9,999 income and expense accounts.
Manufacturer #: 0114N
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Dome Simplified Bookkeeping is the software version of the popular Dome Weekly/Monthly Bookkeeping system. You may start any time of the year. The software allows multiple bank accounts and unlimited transactions. Automatically generates your totals. You may safely backup your data to local devices.

Operating System Compatibility: Mac® OS X and Later; Windows® 7, 8; Format: Electronic Download; Minimum Requirements: For Mac®: Intel-based Processer 64 Bit; For Windows®: 64 Bit.