SCJP TouchFREE Ultra™ 1.2 L Dispenser w/Batteries

SCJP TouchFREE Ultra™ 1.2 L Dispenser w/Batteries

Item # DE-TF2CHR

  • Touch Free encourages use and minimizes any risk of cross-contamination. Can be used on walls in washrooms, corridors and hallways or on SC Johnson free-standing stand.
  • Uses the latest infrared sensing technology for reliable operation to prevent misfiring
Black w/Chrome Shroud, 8/cs
Manufacturer #: TF2CHR
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  • ADA Version
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Most Popular
  • Attacks Pathogens
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This item is experiencing extremely high order demand.  While the manufacturer is producing this item around the clock, there may be a delay up to 4 weeks before you receive this item.  

We are shipping orders based on order-of-receipt.  Place your order now if you prefer to have it "in line"  . . . 





 . . . No Touch Dispenser

Deb TF2CHR automatic No touch uses both foam soap + foam sanitizer dispenser is an elegant, yet commercial-grade sleek, sophisticated worry-free performance, we guarantee it.  

Quickly + easily attaches to any wall or restroom mirror.  Heavy duty double-sided tape and screws included.  Uses various foam soap and foam sanitizer refills listed and available below.    

Unlike others . . . this offers longer battery life.  Ultimate view window.  Locking cabinet with keyless option.  Everyone absolutely hates touching any kind of handle or dispenser in the restroom . . . especially, execs, employees, customers and visitors . . . get the attention you deserve by getting rid of those old-school soap dispensers.  

Top  Users:  
Office Buildings, Hospitals, Resorts + Hotels, Restaurants, Libraries, Nursing Homes, Universities, Churches, Retail Stores, Airports, Theaters, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Manufacturing, Automotive, Grocery, Deli, Fitness Centers, Doctors Offices, Surgical Centers, Urgent Cares, Schools, Stadiums, Museums, etc.

ADA Compliant Version.

Elegant Chrome.  Runs on 4 "D" batteries lasting up to 3 years (batteries not included). 

Unlike other brands . . . this lets you use both foam soap and foam sanitizer refills . . . less hassle re-ordering for your staff.

When health and safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

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