SCJP SBS® 40 Skin Condition Cream - 100 mL Tube

SCJP SBS® 40 Skin Condition Cream - 100 mL Tube

Item # DE-SBS100ML

  • The top choice among industrial, food handling and healthcare work areas to keep hands soft but non-greasy.
  • Will keep skin in good condition in environments where frequent hand washing is required
  • Mild cream, perfumed and highly effective after-work conditioning cream
  • Non-greasy and fast absorption, workers won't lose their grip on tools, equipment, etc.
  • 12 per case
100 mL Tube, 12/cs
Manufacturer #: SBS100ML
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SBS 40 is a professional-grade medicated hand lotion cream engineered for those working in healthcare, manufacturing, industrial and food service industries.

No silicone + No dyes = avoid chemical sensitivities + allergic skin reactions.  HAACP approved for use in food production facilities.

Ok to use with latex and nitrile gloves too.  

Squeeze tubes.  30ml.  100 per case.

When your hands . . . are your livelihood.

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