SCJP Refresh™ Clear FOAM Hand Wash - 1.2 L TF

SCJP Refresh™ Clear FOAM Hand Wash - 1.2 L TF

Item # DE-CLR120TF

  • Perfume-free and dye-free, biodegradable skin hypoallergenic foam hand soap with added moisturizers. Cleans hands and removes over 99% of dirt and germs when used properly.
  • Green Seal[TM] Certified
  • Use dispenser: TF2WHI, TF2CHR, TF2CLR
1.2 L TF, 3/cs
Manufacturer #: CLR120TF
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  • Non-Allergenic
  • Green + LEED
  • Attacks Pathogens
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Ultra Soft Foam.

No Harsh Dyes + No Irritating Fragrance.

DEB CLR120TF foam soap is an elegant, professional perfume-free and dye-free gentle foam hand wash.  Unlike other harsh and toxic hand soaps . . . Deb Clear hand soap reduces the risk of an allergic reaction and skin irritation for all those with chemical sensitivities out there . . . especially young and elderly.

Green Seal certified. NSF E-1 rated.  Refills fit these Deb automatic touch-free soap dispensers: DE-TF2WHI and DE-TF2CHR.  

Top Users:  
Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Day Care, Schools, Universities, Airports, Stadiums, Theaters, Restaurants, Resorts & Hotels, Country Clubs, Military, etc.

Deb Clear soap contains skin conditioners to improve skin hydration and prevent drying. Highly economical, only one dose, .7 mL, is required to provide effective skin cleansing, saving approximately 45% on water consumption.  Empty soap containers are recyclable.  

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