Stoko® Spray® Dispenser - White

Stoko® Spray® Dispenser - White

Item # DE-55010512

  • Compact plastic dispenser easily fits into small spaces and complements any décor. Contains a no-drip valve.
White, 12/cs
Manufacturer #: 50105
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  • ADA Version
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  • Blasts It Faster
  • Attacks Pathogens
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Toilet Seats touching your . . . .

Stoko 55010512 SureSeat disinfectant spray dispenser attacks dangerous, invisible pathogens on restroom toilet seats. 

How does it work? 
Push and spray sanitizer onto toilet paper to wipe down toilet seat, stall handle . . . or whatever might gross you out to touch.  Then, just flush in toilet.

Small, compact dispenser easily fits in small, tight spaces . . . and best yet, matches any decor . . . unlike others that are way, way too tacky looking.  Attaches to any stall divider or wall quickly + easily.  Both screws + heavy duty adhesive included.

ADA Compliant Version.

Top Choice Upscales Restrooms:  Class A Offices, Doctors Offices, Urgent Care, Surgery Centers, Churches, Universities, Fitness Centers, Resorts & Hotels, etc.

White dispenser.  Easily + quickly attaches to any stall divider surface or wall.

When your valuable, hard-earned image and reputation . . . just matters more.

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