SCJP Kresto® Heritage Super Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser - 4 L

SCJP Kresto® Heritage Super Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser - 4 L

Item # DE-09104W

  • Powerful and versatile formula effectively removes a wide range of deeply ingrained and difficult to remove soilings.
  • Rapid action orange oil extract quickly cuts through soils to make hand washing quicker and easier
  • Fresh citrus scent is pleasant to use and leaves the skin smelling fresh
  • Use Dispensers HVY2LDB or HVY4LDB
4 L, 4/cs
Manufacturer #: 09104
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  • Blasts It Faster
  • Non-Allergenic
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Your Livelihood. 

Your Hands.

Kresto is Your Armor.

SCJP 09104 Heritage Kresto hand soap is a professional-grade, bio-based soy infused hand cleaner with non-clogging scrubbers that blast away nastiest grease and crud from hands . . . unlike other soap that horribly chap + damage skin due to harsh solvents and chemicals.  

Kresto soap is a powerful mixture works fast with twice the scrubbing action to dissolve grime, grease, tar, oil, ink, carbon black, and sludge!  Environmentally friendly.  

  Top Users:  
Automotive, Manufacturing, Fire Departments, Construction, Utilities, Universities, Class A Offices, Restaurants, Military, etc.  

Does NOT contain pumice
which clogs drains . .. causing expensive $$$ repairs.  Rather, using fine bits of natural shells that float down drains.  

Large 4 liter refill cartridge.  Empty cartridges Recyclable.  4 per case.  

When your hands . . . are your livelihood.

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