Dart® TamperGuard™ 3-Compartment Snack Box

Dart® TamperGuard™ 3-Compartment Snack Box

Item # DA-SBTG3

  • Tamper-resistant, tamper-evident snack box with TamperAlert[TM] Tab which protrudes upwards when torn, alerting the customer that the container has been opened.
  • The tab remains attached to the container, meaning no loose plastic pieces therefore no littering
  • "Do Not Purchase IF Tab is Torn" message
  • Great for wrap and side salads, crackers, cheese cubes, nuts, salad mix and salad toppings, olives, cold cuts
  • "Lift" embossing facilitates easy opening by providing guidance on how to open container
  • Cross seal compartment technology, dividers prevents migration of contents between compartments
  • Use lid: SBTGRL
  • 75 per sleeve, 4 sleeves per case
Manufacturer #: SBTG3
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  • Compostable
Others: $381.56/CS
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360° Vanishing Edge™ seal. Dual purpose seal, designed to 1) Create tamper resistance by inhibiting the ability to lift the lid from the base without tearing the tab. 2) Provides a leak resistant seal to maximize freshness and prevent leak.

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