Free Total 360 Spray Machine Disinfectant Cleaner Pallet Promotion

Free Total 360 Spray Machine Disinfectant Cleaner Pallet Promotion

Item # CX-31650PLT

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  • 36 cases. 4 1-gallon container per case
  • Pallet
Manufacturer #: CX-31650PLT
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  • Attacks Pathogens
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When Kill Speed Matters Most . . . .




So, you've got a terrible outbreak that requires more speed + staff than what you've got . . . what's your game plan?!

Clorox Total 360 1-step disinfectant cleaner is engineered for faster + emergency response to attack illness breakouts and epidemics.

What It Kills: 
20 dangerous, invisible pathogens including:  cold + flu viruses, Norovirus, MRSA in 2 minutes or less.

Kill Time = 10 minutes

Top Users: 
Schools, universities, resorts + hotels, cruise ships, amusement parks, zoos, day cares, fitness center, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, theaters, stadiums, grocery, fire departments, government, prisons, military, etc.

Safe To Use On:
Quat based disinfectant, and NOT a bleach based disinfectant.  Thus, Total 360 is safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces needing faster + immediate disinfecting:

+  Carpets, Rugs + Upholstery
+  Desks, Tables + Chairs
+  Door Knobs, Hand Rails, Floors + Walls
+  Restrooms sinks, counters, toilets, urinals, mirrors, fixtures, floors, stall dividers, etc.
+  Stainless steel, concrete, tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, wood, rubber, etc.  

Not necessary to wipe cleaner.  In fact, letting cleaner sit + air dry ensures greater killing power of dangerous, invisible pathogens.

1 gallon container.  4 containers per case.  36 cases per pallet.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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