Bagcraft® Honeycomb Foil Wrap-10 1/2" x 14", Cheeseburger

Bagcraft® Honeycomb Foil Wrap-10 1/2" x 14", Cheeseburger

Item # BC-300853

  • Moisture-absorbing paper layer keeps breads and buns fresh. Takes and holds the shape of wrapped foods with a superior dead-fold design.
10.5" x 14", Cheeseburger, 4/500/cs
Manufacturer #: 300853
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  • Biodegradable
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Ultra Insulated.

Keeps Warm Longer =

Happier Customers!

Bagcraft 300853 Cheeseburger foil wrap is a chef's-grade, commercial insulated wrap that keeps your delicious cheeseburgers warm . . . don't destroy the heart & soul you put into making delicious food and growing your business by failing to use food packing that keeps your food delicious . . . or, watch your hard-earned reputation slowly slip away.  

Bagcraft Cheeseburger foil wrap protects your valuable image & reputation for awesome cheeseburgers.  Bring 'em back for more!  

10.5" x 14" sheets.  2000 sheets per case.  Gold print.  

When your hard-earned image and reputation for deliciousness . . . just matters more.

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