Claire® Bed Bug, Lice and Dust Mite Spray - 16 oz Net Wt.

Claire® Bed Bug, Lice and Dust Mite Spray - 16 oz Net Wt.

Item # AZ-CL006

  • Kills adult lice, and nymphs as they hatch, on mattresses, garments, furniture and other inanimate objects. Kills dust mites through contact. Kills bedbugs.
  • Kills and repels mosquitoes, ticks and fleas
  • 20 oz can, 16 oz net wt.
16 oz Net Wt., 12/cs
Manufacturer #: C-006
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  • Bed Bugs + Lice Spray
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NOTE:  This is a commercial-strength bed bugs spray killer.  

Either Get Ripped Off $$$ By Pest Company . . . 

Or, Do It Yourself First?

This is NOT a whimpy store-bought insect spray like others.  Intended for serious infestations or to prevent larger infestations.  Before wasting $$$1,000s with an exterminator to kill bed bugs . . . use this commercial-grade, professional bed bug killer spray to quickly solve the problem yourself.  

Attacks and kills bed bugs, lice and dust mites living on mattresses, garments, furniture and other objects where they breed.  

Top Choice: Resorts & Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Day Care, Retail Clothing Stores, Schools, Theaters, Military, etc.    

Odorless. For mattress and furniture. For use on clothing, wool and other proteinaceous fibers.  Will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces.  DO NOT spray or apply to people themselves.  Additionally, blasts ticks that transmit Lyme Disease.  

When your image and reputation just matters more . . . and bed bugs will destroy that hard-earned image with Execs and customers . . . .

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