Titan® Impact® 410 Electric Airless Disinfectant Sprayer

Titan® Impact® 410 Electric Airless Disinfectant Sprayer

Item # AZ-56394501

  • Legendary Impact fluid section design. Divorced fluid section and drive housing. Field serviceable fluid section. Self adjusting Quad+ Packings[TM].
  • Max Deliver: 0.47 GPM; TR1 517 tip and 1/4" x 50' hose
  • Max Operating Pressure: 3100 PSI; Max Tip size: (1-Gun) 0.021"
  • Gun included TX-80 4-finger; Motor: 0.75 HP PMDC
Manufacturer #: 56394501
  • Coronavirus Weapon
  • $0 Express Delivery
  • Attacks Pathogens
Others: $1,955.00/EA

When Speed + Kill Rate Matter . . . .




Covid sanitizer and disinfectant large electric speed sprayer . . . engineered for faster + emergency response to illness breakouts and epidemics.

Top Users: 
office buildings, commuter trains, airports, schools, universities, resorts + hotels, cruise ships, amusement parks, zoos, day cares, fitness center, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, malls, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, grocery, fire departments, government, prisons, military, etc.

Attack  Large  Areas  Faster
Titan large wandsprayer uses either Staphicide Disinfectant or Germicide Disinfectant(both available below) . . . attacks and disinfects a large area 50x faster (ie. offices, common areas, classrooms, locker rooms, etc.) + sprayer reaches tough to clean places.

Faster  Disinfection:
+  Desks
+  Doors
+  Door Knobs
+  Hand Rails
+  Chairs
+  Walls + Counters + Floors  

Coverage Disinfection Rate:
1 gallon  =  30,000 sq. feet of disinfection in less than 1 hour.  Wand sprayer ideal for coverages of >30,000 sq. ft.

Prograde power + construction.  Includes 50 feet of hose.  2 green spray tips to better control disinfectant spray rate.   Conveniently sprays directly from gallon disinfectant container.

Self adjusting Quad+ Packings™.  Max Deliver: 0.47 GPM; TR1 517 tip and 1/4" x 50' hose.  Max Operating Pressure: 3100 PSI;  Max Tip size: (1-Gun) 0.021".  Gun included TX-80 4-finger; Motor: 0.75 HP PMDC.  

PermaLife™ cylinder. All metal construction; metal drive housing and fluid section.  Rugged, durable skid and high rider design.  Dependable mechanical pressure control.  4-year warranty on sprayer. Limited lifetime warranty on the DCX motor.  Hose wrap built into handle.  1 gallon pail hook.  Rigid direct immersion siphon tube. 8" semi-pneumatic tires for increased portability and travel over rough surfaces.  Power cord wrap.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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