Azul® Ravage Drain Enzymes Bio-Enzymatic Digestant-55 Gal.

Azul® Ravage Drain Enzymes Bio-Enzymatic Digestant-55 Gal.

Item # AZ-039607

  • Natural & biodegradable drain cleaner, deodorizer & maintainer. Helps digest & degrade grease, oil & fats in the entire waste system. Non-toxic, neutral pH
  • Ideal for restrooms, kitchens, carpets, floors, drains
  • Works on pipes, septic tanks, boats & RVs.
  • Concentrate 55 gallon drum makes up to 1280 gallons
55 Gal., ea
Manufacturer #: AZ-039607
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  • Green + LEED
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  • Biodegradable
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That Horrid . . .


Drains . . . for the building pros, they know firsthand how unmaintained floor drains and sink drains can smell if left untreated . . . typically every 1-3 months depending on use.

Surprisingly, strong acid drain cleaners do a crappy job of attacking + eliminating that nasty stank.  Rather, a simple do-it-yourself enzyme drain liquid does the trick at a fraction of the $$$ + faster + better.  

Azul Ravage Drain Enzymes Bio-Enzymatic Digestant is a commercial-grade, natural enzyme cleaner + maintainer for:  

-  floor drains (buildings, manufacturing, hotels + resorts, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, etc.)
-  sink + slop-sink drains
-  grease traps
-  septic tanks (ie. RVs, etc.)
-  beverage drains   
-  locker room drains
-  kitchen sinks
-  manufacturing plants
-  food production facilities

Avoid giant $$$ plumbing repair costs & hassles of clogged drains + pipes when you use Ravage maintenance program. Natural + biodegradable drain cleaner, deodorizer & maintainer. Multipurpose neutral cleaning formula leaves a fresh scent. 

Kind to people, planet and pets. Non-toxic. 

Neutral pH: 7.0 - 7.5.  No harmful acids or solvents. Ravage is Mother Nature's first assistant on helping to digest and degrade grease, oil, food waste, soap buildup, human waste, fats in the entire waste system.  Permanently clobbers odors. 

Maintenance Schedule:  
10oz 1x each month. 

55 gallon bulk drum.  Fresh Outdoor scent . . . let's your boss' know you're doing your job.

When you just need it done right  . . . and fast  . . . the first time.

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