M + A Matting Clean Stride® Scraper-Wiper Indoor Mat Inser

M + A Matting Clean Stride® Scraper-Wiper Indoor Mat Inser

Item # AM-4122430

As foot traffic passes over the mat, the Waterhog surface scrapes larger particles while the adhesive insert captures smaller dust and dirt and stops them from being tracked in. The adhesive insert is comprised of 60 layers of adhesive film. Each layer will perform many times before it must be peeled away. Each layer is numbered to ensure one sheet at a time removal and to indicate the remaining layers.

24" x 30", Clear, ea
Manufacturer #: 412-2430
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Stops Crud + Dust + Dirt

Sticky Floor Mats

Trap It Faster

Wood floors . . . Gym Floors . . . Construction . . . Marble + Granite Floors . . . Clean Rooms?

All of these places need protected against, dirt, sand, dust and other crud you just can't have tracked.  Clean Stride sticky floor mat inserts are what you need.

As foot traffic passes, the large crud gets trapped in the floor mat itself . . . while the finer particles get trapped in the sticky mat.

Each insert contains 60 sticky layers.  Each layer will last a long time before you need to peel away to expose a new layer.  Each layer is conveniently numbered so you know how many layers are left . . . and, that you only peel away 1 layer each time/

Top Users:
Construction, Remodeling, Wood Floors, Gym Floors, Marble Floors, Granite Floors, Clean Rooms, Universities, Schools, Fitness Centers, Corporate Gyms, Manufacturing Plants, Automotive, Government, Military, etc.

24" x 30" 60 sticky layer sheets per pack.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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