Janitized® 3 Ply High Efficiency Micro Filtration Bag

Janitized® 3 Ply High Efficiency Micro Filtration Bag


  • Sanitaire 600, 800 (for use on models with tube extension) SC675A, SC688A, SC888K, SC889A
Manufacturer #: JAN-EUST-3
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  • Attacks Pathogens
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Sanitare 63213 vacum bags are a commercial-grade alternative to Sanitaire ST style vacum bags.  

These professional, commercial-grade vacuum bags are ideal for trapping dangerous spores, pollen and germs that live deep down in carpets and rugs and are brought out into the air during vacuuming.

Protect the young, elderly and sick who are threatened more by these air contaminants . . . you have a ethical duty to protect those who can't protect themselves.

3 vacuum bags per pack.

When you need it done right and fast the first time . . . .  

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