3M™ Wall Mount Air Gap Flow Control System

3M™ Wall Mount Air Gap Flow Control System

Item # 3M-85852

  • An easy to use, compact and lockable chemical dispenser that safely and accurately dilutes chemical concentrates to create ready to use cleaning products.
  • Dispense rate: 2 Gal. per minute
  • Air gap to prevent backflow
Manufacturer #: 85852
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  • Avoid OSHA $$$ + Lawsuits
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Not.  Even.  Close.

With ready-to-use disinfectants + cleaners in such short supply and cost up to 200x more $$$ than concentrates . . . just do the math!

When it comes to cleaning chemicals . . . all the cleaning pros know that 3M Flow Control concentrate cleaning + filling stations has the best of all worlds:

+  Safer  Avoid OSHA $$ Fines + WorkComp Lawuits

+  Simpler = Push a Button - No More Glug-Glug Guessing

+  Less $$$ = Do You Math . . . 1 case disinfectant makes nearly 500 gallons!

3M Flow Control small, compact filling station quickly + easily attaches to any wall near a sink or faucet.  Wall screws and anchors included.

Quick-connect water hose included.  Locking cabinet for safety + deter theft.  Air Gap back-flow meets local building codes. 

Top Users:
Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government, Schools, Universities, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Malls, Resorts + Hotels, Grocery, Deli, Retail Stores, Day Cares, Doctors Offices, Surgical Centers, Urgent Cares, Fitness Centers, Ambulances, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

3M Filling Station holds up to 4 different cleaners.  Most choose the following:

1.  40A Corona Disinfectant Cleaner
2.  1A Glass Cleaner
3.  2A  HD All Surface Cleaner
4.  3A Neutral Cleaner

Be smarter than the others . . . run the basic math of how many gallons of cleaner the 3M concentrates make versus what you pay for ready-to-use gallons or quart cleaners. 

Not.  Even.  Close.

When health and safety of others (including your own) . . . just matters more.

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