3M™ FCS 7A Food Service Degreaser Concentrate - 0.5 Gal.

3M™ FCS 7A Food Service Degreaser Concentrate - 0.5 Gal.

Item # 3M-85828

  • Removes food and oily soils from hard surfaces such as walls, floors, tables and vinyl. No rinsing is required for floors, saving time and labor.
  • Effectively removes food and oil-based soils
  • FCS (Flow Control System) 149 ready-to-use gallons
0.5 Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturer #: 85828
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Impress your OSHA inspector . . . .

3M 85728 7A kitchen foodservice degreaser cleaner is a commercial-grade cleaner that attacks the nastiest crud, grease, food, and other kitchen crud . . . and without all the arm-aching and back-breaking suffering . . . caused by whimpy cleaners.

Safe for us on:  Floors, Counters, Sinks, Walls, Toilets, Mirrors, Marble, Concrete, Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Granite, etc.

Top Choice:  Cafeterias, Deli, Catering, Grocery, Restaurants, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Resorts & Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Restaurants, Churches, Grocery, Retail Stores, Nursing Homes, Universities, Schools, Day Care, Fitness Centers, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

Makes staff training far easier and faster . . . with this easy-to-use system.

Ultra concentrate containers.  2L.  4 per caqse.  1 case makes = 738 gallons . . . pays to know your math.

Automatic dispensing eliminates measuring and mixing and ensures accurate dilutions.

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