3M™ Grill-Brick™ Grill Cleaner GB12

3M™ Grill-Brick™ Grill Cleaner GB12

Item # 3M-15238

  • Specially compounded to disintegrate during use to expose an unused surface.
  • 3.5" x 4" x 8"
Manufacturer #: 15238
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Your Job Is Tough Enough . . .

Shouldn't Some Things Just Be Easier . . . ?

3M 15238 Grill Bricks hold up to the toughest conditions . . . unlike other cheap brands that make you do arm-aching and back-breaking scrubbing, 3M grill bricks do the work for you so your body lasts longer . . . so, unless you enjoy a sore body, use 3M grill bricks.

Specially compounded to blast nastiest toughest grill crud and crap . . . on both hot and cold grill surfaces.  

Folks will love NOT tasting that nasty old grease and crud on their food!

Top Choice:  Restaurants, Hospitals, Deli, Grocery, Stadiums, Concessions, Cafeterias, Churches, Airports, Theaters, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Truck Stops, Convenience Stores, Resorts + Hotels, Universities, Military, etc.  

Reusable + longer lasting.  3.5" x 4" x 8".  12 reusable grill cleaner bricks per case.

Finally . . . spare yourself the arm-agony.  Don't you deserve that?

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