Water Softener (50lb)

Water Softener (50lb)


  • Limescale and hardwater take an expensive toll on your plumbing. You don't often see it, but it's gradually building each and every day.
  • 50 bags. 49 bags per Pallet
  • 1 Pallett
Manufacturer #: 1A-WATERSOFT
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Plugged Pipes . . . ?

Giant $$$ Plumbing Repairs . . . ?

And . . . It Was All Preventable.

Commercial-grade water softener.  Limescale and hard water take an expensive $$$ toll on your plumbing. You don't often see it . . . but it's gradually building every single day. 

Left untreated, imagine the the ginormous $$$ costs?  New pipes, labor costs, etc.   

Enjoy that conversation with your boss, and trying to explain how you thought saving money meant not using a basic water softener . . . compared to cost of replacing plumbing. Have your resume current . . . . This is basic, economical water softener to prevents excessive calcification and limescale. 

This product is compatible with both commercial and residential water softener systems.  While this water softener may be slightly more coarse than the more premium, fine water softeners, it gets the job done.  

50 bags. 49 bags per Pallet.  1 Pallet.   

When you need it done right  . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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