Disposable Microfiber Floor Mops Pads 18"x5" Wet and Dry (500/cs)

Disposable Microfiber Floor Mops Pads 18"x5" Wet and Dry (500/cs)

Item # 1A-TMMP446018

  • Stop Deadly Cross-Contamination of Pathogens
  • ProPower Disposable Microfiber Floor Mops Pads Single-Sided
  • 18"x5" White. Use as both Wet Mop and Dusting Dry Mop Cleaning
  • Fits any Brand + Type of 18" x 5" Pad Frame
  • 500 Disposable Mops per Case
18" x 5", White, 500 per case
Manufacturer #: TMMP446018
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  • Blasts It Faster
  • Attacks Pathogens
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Blasts Nastiest Crud + Crap . . . 

Without Arm-Agony + Back-Suffering

Freedom white disposable microfiber floor pads get it cleaned right the first time, and stop deadly cross-contamination of spreading dangerous, invisible pathogens from room to room. 

Also, unlike others make you do arm-aching and back-breaking scrubbing to get clean floors.  

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Hospitals, Class A Offices, Nursing Homes, Schools, Universities, Resorts & Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Grocery, Deli, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Country Clubs, Military, etc.  

18"x5" disposable mop pads.  500 white disposable microfiber mop pads per case.  Fits any brand and type of flat floor mop pad frame that is a tleast 18" x 5" or larger.  

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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