Azul® On Demand Cleaner Auto Filling Station, Locking Unit

Azul® On Demand Cleaner Auto Filling Station, Locking Unit


  • Safety locking cabinet stops theft & prevents accidents. Compared to ready-to-use chemicals, concentrates cost up to 80% less, that's not a typo. Black
  • Holds 4 super concentrates
  • Simply push button to fill bottles or bucket via nozzle.
  • Rugged & quick install to any type of wall. 20 min install
Manufacturer #: 1A-SAFELOCK
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OSHA . . .

Employee Chemical Injuries  =  $$$

WorkComp Lawsuits  =  $$$

Aren't Your Staff Important To Protect?

Azul cleaning chemical filling station is a safety locking cabinet prevents OSHA injuries & work-comp claims by employees caused by over-mxing via the "glug-glug" hand mxing.  In addition to safety, cut cleaning chemical costs up to 300!  

Compared to ready-to-use chemicals . . . these concentrates cost up to 300% less -- that's not a typo!  Pearl white.  Rugged locking cabinet holds 4 super concentrate bottles. Simply push button to fill bottles or bucket via nozzle.  Easily and quickly installs to any type of wall and janitors closet.  

 Finally, a versatile On Demand cleaner filling station that offers the ultimate in safety and simplicity. Unlike other dispensing systems that are constantly breaking and getting clogged, this is the Ford pickup of chemical dispensers, nothing fancy, just rock solid reliability and performance.

Locking chemical cabinets ensure staff safety and prevent theft.  

Top Users:  Hospitals, Resorts & Hotels, Class A Offices, Churches, Schools, Universities, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Fitness Centers, Day Care, Airports, Theaters, Stadiums, Grocery, Retail, Manufacturing, Country Clubs, Military, etc.  

With SafeLock there is no more manual mixing glug-glug and touching harsh concentrated cleaners . . . just push a button and it's all done correctly and automatically . . . impress OSHA.  This automatic mixing dispenser fills:  spray bottles, mop buckets, floor scrubbers, carpet extractors, 5 gallon buddy jugs, etc.  

ADA compliant.  

Unlike other filling stations . . . this is "plug & play"
:  No plumber required to install.  20 minutes to DIY.  Wall-mounting screws & hardware included.  25" High x 20" Wide x 6.5" Deep.  

When safety and health of others (including yours) matters most . . . .

Lifetime Dispenser Replacement Warranty:  We'll gladly replace any broken dispenser with original proof of purchase receipt from N.E.W. (that's us).  Just ship your broken dispenser to us; and we'll whip a new one back out to you.  Unlike others who either don't do this or make it a huge hassle . . . we don't see you as a number and take you for granted.  The perks of shopping with a veteran and family online wholesaler since 1979 . . . .

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