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Little Red Liner Lovers®

Item # 1A-LR915

  • Stretchable red rubber to hold bag liners in place. Fits most containers up to a 55 gallon drum.
Manufacturer #: 100-0915
  • Blasts It Faster
  • Top Pick
  • Why This Item ?

Sagging trash bags !!!  Ugh !!!  Those working the frontlines know first hand how annoying it is to have garbage bags sagging way down into trash cans . . . creating a mess and hassle to clean and fix.  Tying a knot can work, but that too can be uber annoying.  The simple & secret trick . . . a commercial-strength red rubber band that fits around any size of trash can -- small to super large 60 gallon trash cans.  Re-usable again and again and again.  144 per pack.  

Stop the insanity and bring a little ease to an already tough job . . . . .

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