24V Battery Charger, 20amp Commercial-Grade

24V Battery Charger, 20amp Commercial-Grade

Item # 1A-JAC2024H

  • Intelligent, mobile, commercial-grade fully automatic multi-mode electronic 24 volt, 20 amp battery charger.
  • 24 amps, 24 volts
  • Black aluminum
  • Weights 6.5 pounds. 10" W x 7.5" H x 3" D
Manufacturer #: 1A-JAC2024H
  • $0 Express Delivery
  • Blasts It Faster
Others: $1,204.40/EA

Unlike other chargers, this follows battery impedance to end of charge cycle for all battery types. Easy to use. Green LED light indicates AC power on, yellow LED light indicates battery is charging and yellow LED light off indicates float mode. Premium charge control: constant current charge to a constant voltage than to float standby. Fully automatic 3 stage charger can be left on the battery in maintaining/float mode. Best yet, charger can be set for any type lead acid battery such as: convention battery; maintenance free battery; deep cycle battery; gel-type battery & valve regulated batteries. Unlike some other chargers, this has a low voltage start. Meaning, it will start charging a deeply discharged battery with a drained voltage to less than 4 volts. Reverse polarity and short-circuit proof. Rugged aluminum case protects under toughest conditions. Various plug-in options available: SB-50 Anderson; SB-175 Anderson; Club Car Plug (Golf Cart); Yamaha Plug (Golf Cart); and EZ GP TXT Plug (Golf Cart).

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