InVade™ Spray Doser™

InVade™ Spray Doser™

Item # 1A-ISDS120

  • Programmable spray doser for applying probiotic cleaners over a wide area.
Manufacturer #: ISDS120
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Is perfect for dumpster, trash chutes, compactors or any area with organic build up or persistent odors. Virtually any area with problematic organic build up can benefit from spray dosing with probiotic cleaners. The InVade™ Spray Doser Mounts to a wall and the input tube is placed into a container (bucket, jug, drum) of the product to be sprayed. A diluted solution of InVade™ Bio Cleaner™ is ideal. The output tube is mounted so that the spray covers the area to be treated. The timer is set so that the unit activates and sprays for the desired length of time and interval.

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