InVade™ Mini Doser™

InVade™ Mini Doser™

Item # 1A-IDDS316

  • Programmable dosing pump for use anywhere bio remediation is needed. It will automatically dose the correct amount of InVade[TM] Bio Remediation[TM] daily.
Manufacturer #: IDDS316
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The built-in digital timer is located inside the pump chassis to eliminate tampering. The pump unit snaps off the mounting bracket to easily access the timer in the back. The powerful microbe concentrate digests grease and other scum, dramatically increasing the time between grease trap pump outs or drain maintenance. InVade™ Bio Remediation is 100% natural, with no chemicals or pesticides. The amount of concentrate used depends on the trap size. A one gallon jug will last for 90 days, for grease traps up to 500 gallons in size.

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