InVade™ Bio Bullet™ - 100 g Minis

InVade™ Bio Bullet™ - 100 g Minis

Item # 1A-IBBM015

A solid microbe-laden block for use in degrading organic waste in lower flow systems such as restaurant grease traps. The non-toxic, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems. The unique block will gradually dissolve over a 30-90 day period which allows for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. The bacteria contained in the block will reduce sludge, fats, oils and grease buildup, as well as other food-based waste and odors. InVade[TM] Bio Bullets[TM] can also be hung from drain covers to continuously treat scummy, slow or smelly drains. The "minis" are excellent for placing in soda fountain drip trays, condensation pans, and small drains.

100 g Minis, 15/cs
Manufacturer #: IBBM015
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