Cushion Toilet Paper 2-Ply

Cushion Toilet Paper 2-Ply


  • Ultra convenient home + small office size.
  • 24 rolls
Manufacturer #: 1A-CUSHIONTP
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  • Biodegradable
  • Most Popular
  • Non-Allergenic
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Cushion Soft.

Faster Dissolving

Cushion soft 2ply toilet paper is an EcoLogo and EPA certified "green" toilet paper.

Fits all standard restroom toilet paper dispenser, both at the office + home.

Kind + gentle softness offers "we care" image. At longer roll . . . top pick for those tired of constantly refilling the tp!    

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Small Offices, Home, RVs. Campers, Cabins, Churches, Schools, Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Day Care, Museums, Convenience Stores, Grocery, Deli, Government, etc.  

100% recycled.  20% post-consumer. 

Cushion soft 2ply.  Convenience 24 roll case.  

When your bum  . . . deserves better.

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