DEMA® 8410 V-Line RS Laundry System - 1 Pump

DEMA® 8410 V-Line RS Laundry System - 1 Pump

Item # 1A-8410RSJ

  • Designed to handle residential style and other small machines when few products are required but multiple formula choices are needed.
  • Pump with JG fitting
1 Pump, ea
Manufacturer #: 8410RSJ10
  • $0 Express Delivery
Others: $979.53/EA

Uses proven quick change blue pumps and the IQ-50 board up to 9 formulas. Great for car wash, dry cleaning, industrial, F&B, pool, athletic facilities and more. Simple mount and plug 2 step installation with factory installed stainless wall bracket and power cord with plug. Simplified setup with factory pre-programmed for 1 pump operation and user start operation mode. Easy user activation with remote start module or intuitive button on dispenser. Features up to 9 formulas to handle a wide array of soil classifications and linen types.

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