Wine To-Go Bags, Tamper-Proof Seal

Wine To-Go Bags, Tamper-Proof Seal

Item # 1A-6343

  • Elegant and classy yet rugged clear reinforced plastic wine bag with sturdy handle is designed to hold a bottle of wine, liquor or champagne.
  • Clear w/tamper-proof seal
Manufacturer #: 1A-6343
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Increase your sales of bottled wines . . .

And just be a proud, responsible purveyor.

Most states allow customers to take home partially consumed bottles of wine from restaurants. Consult your state's laws.

Elegant and classy looking Wine To Go Bags have great benefits: sell more wines; customers will buy a second bottle knowing they can take it home; less likely to linger at a table; and wine to go bags promote responsible drinking.

Designer bag.  Classy-Looking + rugged non-breaking plastic bags.  Not Reusable.  Security Sealed.  Holds standard 750ml wine bottle + larger liquor bottles too.  100 per case.

  • Comply with state and local liquor laws on transporting wine in a tamper-proof sealed bag.  Attract and keep repeat customers by offering them to take home their unfinished wine (if allowed by law).  Set your business apart from your competitors.  Carry out bag meets specifications and requirements for those US states and cities with liquor laws that allow customers to transport already opened bottles of wine, liquor or champagne home from a restaurant or bar. Consult your local liquor laws and regulations for more details on transporting alcohol. One-time use peel and press sealed bags. Not reusable.  States and jurisdictions that allow open wine bottles to be transported in this bag include: AL, AK, CO, CT, Washington DC, FL, GA, IL, IA, KS, KY, ME, MA, MS, MO, NE, NH, NM, NY, ND, OH, RI, VT, WA, WV, WY.

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