Urinal Screen & Citrus Air Freshener

Urinal Screen & Citrus Air Freshener

Item # 1A-50930NEW

  • Whether you like it or not, people define you and your business by your restrooms. If they stink, then so will your reputation. This isn't complicated
  • Blast the horrid odors, once and for all.
  • Fits all urinal sizes
Manufacturer #: 1A-50930NEW
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Urinal Stank = 

Disgusting + Horrid.

What's Your Image Worth . . .?

Unless you like removing urinal screens that too quickly stopped smelling good after 2 weeks, this citrus subtle fragrance keeps it going up to 8 weeks and how is that bad?

Catches debris that cause messy overflows and clogged drains, unless you'd rather pay a plumber $90 per hour.  

Top Users: 

Office Buildings, Schools, Airports, Universities, Restaurants, Churches, Fitness Centers, Country Clubs, Hotels & Resorts, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Manufacturing, Fire Departments, Military, etc.

Pleasant Citrus scent.  12 urinal screens per case.  Longer Lasting . . . Unlike whimpy ones.

When your hard-earned, valuable image and reputation . . . just matters more.

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