White Flextip Drinking Straw - 7.75"

White Flextip Drinking Straw - 7.75"

Item # 1A-420276

  • Rugged white flex straw is 7.75" long & perfect for any drink or beverage.
  • Won't crack and split
  • Disposable and recyclable. Individually wrapped
7.75", 10,000/cs
Manufacturer #: 1A-420276
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  Discounted Bulk Pack of 10,000 Flex Straws  



Rugged white flex straws are perfect for any drink or beverage.  Won't crack and split. Disposable and recyclable. 

While we haven't yet figured out why kids must have a flex tip straw with their drink, we do know it's far easier to give them one rather than deal with a tantrum.  Who's to say there aren't a few adults out there equally excited to have flex straw?

Top Choice:  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Catering, Deli, Lodging + Resorts, Theaters,  Stadiums, Churches, Cafeterias, Airports, Breakrooms, Doctors Offices, Fire Departments, Universities, Schools, Day Care, Government, Military, etc.

White.  7.75" long.  Flex-tip.  Individually wrapped.  10,000 per case.

When you just need it done right . . . and faster . . . the first time.

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